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Protect your Samsung Galaxy A40 with the leather case from iCall. A phone can easily cost a few hundred euros and it is therefore very important to protect it in the right way. The iCall leather case is custom made, offers clean protection and is user-friendly. In addition, it is available in different colors! View the benefits of the iCall leather case below:

Proper protection

This cover has a silicone TPU (soft) frame on the inside. The phone can easily be clicked into this. Due to the material of the frame, it is not possible that the phone falls out of the case. The silicone material also ensures that forces on the phone, which arise as a result of bumps and falls, are absorbed extra well.

Optimal ease of use

The cover is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy A40. Because the cover has all the necessary openings, it is very easy to use the cover. So it is no longer necessary to remove your cover as soon as you want to use the openings of your phone. For example, you can still take pictures with your phone while your phone is in the bookcase.

Multiple Modes

It is possible to leave the cover in multiple positions. This means you can continue to use your phone in any situation.

Three pass holders

This case immediately ensures that a wallet becomes a thing of the past. With no fewer than three card pockets, you can store all your cards in your bookcase.

A quality case

When you feel, lift and use the cover, it immediately becomes clear that high-quality materials have been used for the production of the cover. This ensures that you receive an innovative and high-quality case.

Features iCall case

• Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy A40

• Provides clean protection

• Equipped with all necessary openings

• Multiple Modes

• Three pockets for your cards

• High-quality and innovative case


• iCall Leather Case