Magnetic Smartphone Holder for Car with Suction Cup

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WORKS ON ANY DASHBOARD AND WINDOWS: Can be easily and securely attached to any dashboard and window in the car. It keeps your phone in place, exactly where you want it, and where you can easily connect a charger or audio cable. You can also call hands-free very easily so that you can avoid expensive traffic fines.

STRONG GRIP AND ONE HAND MOUNTING: The super strong grip on the back as well as the strong magnet ensures that your smartphone stays very firmly in place and it can not fall on the ground, for example when you drive on bumpy roads. In this way, your smartphone remains free of scratches or other damage. Your smartphone isn't going anywhere unless you want it to. You can quickly and safely attach your smartphone to the magnetic holder, even with one hand. This way you avoid distractions while driving and you can concentrate better on the traffic.

WORKS WITH ANY TYPE OF SMARTPHONE: All smartphones can be used with this system, including large and heavier smartphones, even with large covers. The strong magnet ensures that your smartphone stays exactly in place. Compatible with all smartphones!

EASY INSTALLATION: You place the car holder with the suction cup on the windshield or dashboard. Then use one of the two supplied metal plates. Either you insert the thin metal plate into your cover, or you stick the self-adhesive plate on the back of your smartphone, so that it is attracted by the magnet. This way you can now easily click your smartphone on the magnet and you always know where your phone is!

QUICKLY REMOVABLE: Because the holder is very small and also very light, you can easily put it in your pocket or your luggage. Ideal to take with you on a trip and to use in the rental car, for example with navigation or other apps. You will soon be taking this fun gadget everywhere you go!