Protector Screen For iPhone 11

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Good protection with this iPhone 11 screen protector

✔ Value Pack

✔ iPhone 11 screen protector made of tempered glass

✔ Optimal fit for your Apple iPhone 11

✔ Easy to apply screen protector

No matter how economical you are with your device, it can happen to anyone; your beautiful new Apple iPhone 11 slips out of your hands on the floor, there is a crack in your screen. This is of course very sinful. Repairing often costs a lot of money and you lose your phone for a few days. This case friendly iPhone 11 screen protector is custom made and ensures that your screen remains completely free of dirt and scratches. This iPhone 11 tempered glass has a transparency of 99%. This means that the brightness of the screen hardly decreases. Protect your phone with the tempered glass screen protector for your Apple iPhone 11. With this discount package you always have an extra iPhone 11 screen protector tempered glass at home.

Powerful screen protector glass

This iPhone 11 screen protector is made of tempered glass and can absorb up to 5x more force than other normal screen protectors. The hardness is rated at 9H. This ensures maximum protection for your phone. Keys or even a knife are no match for this iPhone 11 screen protector.

Paper-thin tempered glass

This iPhone 11 screen protector glass. The screen protector is very easy to apply without air bubbles with the help of the supplied instructions on the packaging. It is very important to clean the screen carefully with the wipes provided.

Remove the protective film from the iPhone 11 screen protector and place it on top of your screen. Due to the special silicone adhesive layer, the screen protector 'sucks' without bubbles. There are instructions on the packaging to correctly place the screen protector. Your device's touchscreen will retain the same touch sensitivity, clarity, and functionality as before.

NOTE: This BTH screen protector is specially made for the Apple iPhone 11 and does not come all the way to the edges of the device. Because the screen protector does not come all the way to the edges, it can also be combined with a case for the best protection of your phone.

Advantages of this iPhone 11 screen protector glass:

✅ Value pack with extra advantage

✅ Extremely strong iPhone 11 screen protector glass

✅ Easy to apply

✅ Required recesses are present

✅ Touch sensitivity, clarity and functionality remains as before

✅ Optimal fit

✅ Dust & Dirt Resistant iPhone 11 Screen Cover


• Impact and scratch resistant

• Rounded corners

• No influence on the operation of the touchscreen

• Case friendly (screen protector does not cover the entire screen)

• No air bubbles under the screen protector

• Toughened safety glass

Suitable for:

• Apple iPhone 11


• Reinforced glass

• Transparent color

• Grease-resistant, no greasy fingerprints

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