Protector Screen For iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

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Protect your screen against scratches and dents with the Panzer Glass Case Friendly Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro Screen Protector Glass Black. This screen protector is anti-reflective. This means that you can also comfortably read your screen outside in the sun. The glass is therefore a bit darker than a normal screen protector. This protective glass protects your device against scratches and dents. So feel free to put your smartphone in the same pocket as your keys. Glass can break with a hard blow, but then it has done its job and protected your smartphone screen. This case-friendly screen protector does not extend all the way to the edges of your screen. This way you prevent your phone case from pressing the Panzer Glass Case Friendly Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro screen protector off your screen. Thanks to the antibacterial layer, you won't get dirty spots on your screen as quickly.