Wifi Chromecast - HDMI Dongle - Surround sound support - HD video streaming - Mediaplayer - 1080P - Tv stick

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Do you want to effortlessly stream videos and photos to any device imaginable?

Then this wireless media streamer is what you are looking for!

With its latest wireless technology, you can connect the wireless HD media streamer to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV or projector via Wi-Fi.

See your photos from the last trip on the big screen in ultra-sharp HD resolution!

What does this Media Streamer do?

This media streamer makes it possible to stream video and/or other media directly from one device to another via Wi-Fi.

This way you can display the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer super fast and easy on a TV or beamer without much delay

How to use?

Connect the MirrorScreent to your TV or projector via the HDMI cable. Connect to a smartphone, tablet or computer via WiFi. If your TV does not have enough power, connect the MirrorScreent to the power supply via the micro USB cable. See the supplied guide for further instructions

No unnecessary software or apps

This media streamer is plug and stream, you don't have to install all kinds of software or apps first, like most other media streamers.

You plug this media streamer into a device and you can start streaming immediately.

How easy do you want it to be!