ZTE MF920U Mobile Wifi

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The ZTE MF920U 4G Mifi converts a 4G GSM connection into a WiFi network. You insert a SIM card into the ZTE 4G Mifi and then the ZTE 4G Mifi starts a WiFi network. You can then connect to this WiFi network with your tablet, laptop or smartphone and enjoy an internet connection. Ideal if, for example, you have an iPad without 4G and you still want to be online outside your home.

The ZTE MF920U 4G Mifi supports up to 10 WiFi devices at the same time, so your family or friends can also use the internet (of course only if you give them the password of the WiFi network). Moreover, no software is required to connect to the WiFi network!

The ZTE MF920U 4G Mifi comes in a white version and has an impressive modern design. The OLED screen displays signal type, signal strength, battery status, Wi-Fi mode and more.

With the ZTE MF920U 4G WiFi App it is very easy to manage the ZTE MF920U 4G Mifi. For example, you can remotely switch WiFi on or off, check the battery level and signal strength, read messages and find all connected equipment.